What is more practical? Laminate or Linoleum?

Definitely answer this question is quite difficult. Laminate is more resistant to scratches and mechanical damage than linoleum. At the same time, linoleum will not lose its properties or the original appearance from the ingress of large amounts of water, which is not the case with laminate flooring. This means that if the room is flooded, then most likely, the coating will have to be completely replaced. Also, he and other materials are not resistant to fire, but at the same time linoleum is considered much more flammable. However, it should be noted that with fairly similar operational and external characteristics, PVC coating will cost you much less.

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What is warmer?

Laminate colder than linoleum. PVC coating practically does not conduct heat, moreover, it is equipped with a thick substrate. So, in the cold season to walk on linoleum will be much more pleasant than on the floor of the laminate.

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What is more expensive?

The cost of a particular material depends on many different factors. Matters the country of origin of the flooring, as well as its quality and thickness. Even with the purchase is to take into account the size of the area for which the purchased material. Only having estimated all factors, it will be possible to say exactly which coverage is more profitable. On average, prices for linoleum are significantly lower than for laminate flooring. If you multiply this indicator with a long service life of PVC material, then the purchase seems very reasonable. But do not forget about the features of the operation of both materials and their external characteristics.

A beautiful home with Laminate floor
A beautiful home with Laminate floor

What is more harmful?

We have already noted earlier that linoleum is more toxic than laminate. This is particularly evident in the process of disposal of this material, since during combustion, polyvinyl chloride emits a very sharp chemical smell and soot. Also, do not forget that for the manufacture of linoleum uses more chemicals than laminate, so the second type of flooring is considered safer for health. But in general, and he and the other option will not cause harm to man.The main thing is to correctly select the manufacturer and check the quality certificates for the products.

What is easier to clean?

Cleaning any kind of flooring is not difficult. However, linoleum can safely be washed frequently with plenty of water and detergents, while with wet cleaning of the laminate you need to be more careful not to let the material get too wet.

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What to choose for an apartment or house?

In order to understand what kind of coverage is suitable for your apartment, you should take into account the characteristics of different rooms. So, in the bedroom, dining room or living room is best to lay a laminate. It looks more stylish, modern and attractive. This will emphasize the design and originality of your interior. If you need to put something on the kitchen floor or pick up the material in the nursery, it is better to opt for linoleum, because this material is more practical. It will be much easier to use it in such premises.
For a wooden private house (cottage) or on the balcony, you should also look at the laminate flooring, since the linoleum flooring is not resistant to temperature changes and can quickly deteriorate. However, for a cold balcony and giving linoleum will be warmer than the laminate.This also should not be forgotten with the final choice of coverage.

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So, we have analyzed in detail all the advantages and disadvantages of two budget floor coverings, as well as their operational properties. Both materials have fundamental similarities and differences. In addition, they differ significantly in appearance, so the choice of one or another option depends solely on your preferences, budget and purpose of the room for which the floor material is selected.

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