Floor Installation Training Center

Floors Nigeria's training program features an ever-evolving curriculum designed to teach foundational basics and keep flooring installers up to date with cutting-edge trends, technologies, and techniques.
Experts regularly review the curriculum to keep it current and make sure it’s the best it can be.

Should I Become a Flooring Installer or Not?

Flooring installers measure, cut and place various types of flooring for their clients. Installers work with floors like laminate, vinyl, linoleum, epoxy, marble, tile, carpet, and lots more. They are generally responsible for safely removing old Flooring Jobs, laying and leveling sub-floors, and installing new Floor Training based on the design arrangement. These professional Installers often work in the building contractors industry, and many are self-employed. This job can be physically demanding, and protection must be used to prevent injuries, especially those involving the knees. Installers who are self-employed may need to spend significant time seeking new job assignments.

Benefits of Professional Installation Training

There are many steps in a flooring installation which needs to be completed correctly and skillfully for a successful outcome. Our training program will help develop the following skills:

  • Estimating and layout of the flooring
  • Proper storage, handling, and acclimation of the materials and jobsite
  • How to qualify and prepare the subfloor
  • Fitting the flooring to walls and edges
  • Proper adhesives and their application
  • Seaming techniques and treatments
  • Specialty installations such as flash cove sheet Floor Finish and design work
  • Finishing the job: installation of trims and moldings
  • Repairs: tile and plank replacements


    Floors Nigeria Installtion Trainings

    Training that Focuses on Real World Applications

    The content in our training program focuses on floor-covering best practices and stays up to date with emerging trends in flooring. We teach core skills for proper floor preparation, installation and finishing procedures for carpet, resilient flooring, resinous flooring, hardwood flooring, substrate prep, concrete polishing, artificial turf and more.

    Installation procedures for each of these flooring types, including theory and practice for proper installation, are part of the INSTALL curriculum.

    What's the Cost?


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