Laminate Comparison

What is different: comparison of characteristics

So, we have analyzed in detail the basic properties of laminate and linoleum, both materials have distinctive and similar features. Now we will conduct a comparative analysis of these two floor coverings in order to get a more complete picture of the characteristics of these two materials.


Both materials are not natural, so they can not be called completely environmentally friendly. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that in the manufacture of linoleum is used a lot more synthetic substances, rather than in the process of producing laminate. In addition, linoleum will not be able to just throw it in a landfill, because the material does not decompose and is dangerous to the environment. It is also worth noting that polyvinyl chloride causes allergic reactions much more often than laminate.


Both laminate and linoleum are very easy to lay. However, the installation of laminate flooring will take a little longer, since the coating will consist of many individual planks. At the same time, this is what makes laminate more profitable during operation. After all, if necessary, you can easily replace any element of the structure, while if the linoleum is damaged, you will have to replace the entire canvas. The same applies to scratches: it is easy to repair cracks on laminate flooring with the help of special substances, which is not the case with polyvinyl chloride.

Laminate Wooden Floor Installation
Laminate Wooden Floor Installation

As for durability, the service life of linoleum is up to thirty years, while the laminate flooring rarely lasts more than ten years.


Linoleum with a thick substrate perfectly absorbs all sounds. In this case, the laminate can not boast the same properties. Thus, according to this criterion, the laminate is inferior to the coating of polyvinyl chloride.

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External characteristics

Modern models of linoleum successfully imitate any natural coating, whether stone or natural wood. However, no matter how bright and beautiful the drawing of this material is, the laminate flooring in most cases looks more solid and attractive, since the laminate is much more like a real tree and also has a pleasant texture. However, the choice of outdoor material on the external characteristics of a purely individual character. The decision depends on your personal preferences, as well as the design and characteristics of the premises for which the material is selected.

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