Laminate Texture Types

 Laminate Texture Types

Laminate is the most common finishing material with many positive qualities. These include its durability, reliability, durability and beautiful appearance. Using this floor finish, you can make the interior richer and more elegant without spending transcendental sums. Today we will talk about the various textures of laminate, characterized by spectacular performance.

raznovidnosti tekstury laminata - Laminate Texture Types

Modern consumers are faced with a chic selection of laminated slats having a wide variety of textures and shades. Thanks to such a rich assortment, it will be possible to choose a suitable coating for the interior of any style and color. Let us consider in detail what types of laminate textures are popular today and are most common.

First of all, all the structures of the laminate can be divided into:

  • synchronous. Such options most accurately repeat the natural print and shade of natural wood cut;
raznovidnosti tekstury laminata 1 - Laminate Texture Types
  • fine-grained. Such laminate surfaces perfectly highlight the natural shine and porosity of solid wood;
raznovidnosti tekstury laminata 3 - Laminate Texture Types
raznovidnosti tekstury laminata 2 - Laminate Texture Types
  • oil. The surface of such a laminate is matte velvety in combination with an unobtrusive sheen;
raznovidnosti tekstury laminata 4 - Laminate Texture Types
  • rustic embossing. Laminate flooring with this design imitates naturally treated wood.
raznovidnosti tekstury laminata 5 - Laminate Texture Types

Under the tree
One of the most popular and sought after are canvases, the surface of which imitates natural wood. This floor finish looks very harmonious and discreet. Even if you pick up the lamellas of rich “wooden” tones, they will not cause irritation or seem unnecessarily intrusive.

In addition, the laminate with the texture of a tree looks organically in the interiors of a variety of styles, from classic to avant-garde.

raznovidnosti tekstury laminata 6 - Laminate Texture Types

The leading position in the market of finishing materials is occupied by laminate, repeating the following tree species:

  • oak (golden, bleached, stained). Such options perfectly convey the beauty of the annual rings of natural natural coating;
  • beech. Such a laminate is distinguished by pronounced wood lines, which are characteristic of such a breed as beech;
  • wild Cherry. Finishing materials that imitate a beautiful wild cherry have a unique pink and brown tint diluted with unobtrusive gray tones. Such laminate has the characteristic rectilinear fibers inherent in a natural cut;
raznovidnosti tekstury laminata 9 - Laminate Texture Types
  • nut. This laminate has a light texture, which gradually from a soft beige “flows” into a denser shade. As a rule, in such models there is a wood texture, repeating natural designs;
  • alder. This laminate also has a delicate pastel texture, the tone of which is slightly darker than the material under the oak;
  • wenge. Laminate, imitating this original and good-quality wood, perfectly conveys the depth and contrast of the dark rock;
raznovidnosti tekstury laminata 11 - Laminate Texture Types
  • ash. Such a laminate is chosen by many consumers, since it boasts a high-precision transfer of the white shade of the sapwood and the light core of natural ash;
  • Birch tree. Laminate, imitating an array of birch, has an unobtrusive pattern of tree rings, not conspicuous and does not contrast with a neutral background;
  • bamboo. The floor covering repeating a bamboo will become the fine decision for an interior in an east key. This original texture perfectly conveys the amazing atmosphere of the mysterious east.

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