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Laminate texture of such a right is recognized as the most accurate and aesthetic, as it lacks noticeable seams, which often attract too much attention to themselves, spoiling the overall impression of the interior.

Seamless coatings that repeat the cuts of natural wood can be quite difficult to distinguish from natural materials according to their external characteristics; therefore, they are chosen by many consumers who want to bring eco-style notes into the interior.

The main advantage of seamless coatings is ease of installation. Even a person who is far from repair work will be able to carry it out. To do this, it will be enough to go into all the installation steps described in the instructions that came with the laminate.
The main advantage of seamless coatings is ease of installation. Even a person who is far from repair work will be able to carry it out. To do this, it will be enough to go into all the installation steps described in the instructions that came with the laminate.

Features and benefits

Today’s seamless laminate has a number of distinctive characteristics that consumers should be aware of when planning to purchase this interesting finishing material:

  • Similar coatings consist of large length panels. Such details can be easily laid without leaving even the smallest gaps or cracks. However, this should refer to a special “floating” assembly method;
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  • As a rule, in such finishing materials there are high-quality and durable locks that allow you to form the most durable connection of the panels. Assembled, this design will look monolithic and very original;
  • During the assembly process, experts recommend using a special sealant necessary for gluing the ends of the lamellae. Such a solution will protect the material from pollution, moisture and other adverse external factors. For this, it is best to use PufaSN77-R;
  • In modern seamless laminated panels, there are special latches (like KlickClock) on the ends.
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As for the positive qualities of such a flooring, these include the following parameters:

no ugly and sloppy joints between the panels. For such coatings characteristic is the complete coincidence of beautiful patterns and prints;
beautiful appearance. These types of coatings look not only expensive and solid, but also very original. At first glance, it is not always possible to determine that this is a regular laminate, since in usual canvases the seams are always visible;
affordable price. Despite the expensive appearance, cost of seamless laminate can not very expensive, which makes it even more popular and in demand;

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  • environmental friendliness. As a rule, such a finishing material is made from environmentally friendly materials;
  • fire safety. The top layer of seamless laminate withstands temperature drops without problems, without losing the presentation.

The disadvantages of such a flooring can be attributed to its low moisture resistance. That is why it can not be used in the decoration of such premises as a kitchen or bathroom. In such conditions, such a laminate can swell or crack.

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It is worth paying special attention to the colors of “wood” laminate. These pleasant and soothing tones easily fit into many ensembles and complete the interiors of a wide variety of styles. The floor covering imitating a natural tree can have the following natural shades:

  • light beige (color of the Belgian tic, oak and ash);
  • positive yellow (shade of Viennese, honey or gilded oak, elm, alder);
  • ashen (a characteristic shade of European tie, Arizona nut and Canadian maple);
  • chocolate (a shade of a classical and cognac oak, a pear and a classical tie);
  • red (color of cherry, mahogany, rosewood, stained oak and mahogany);
  • dark tone (classic color of luxurious wenge, indian teak and winsor oak);
  • white shade (belongs to birch and moraine white oak).
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Types of locks

Seamless laminate can be equipped with different types of locking systems, for example:

  • thorn groove. This kind of lock is available in many varieties of laminate with a variety of textures. They are more often found in inexpensive canvases. Installation of such structures occurs most often with the use of a special rubber hammer;
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  • latch latch. This type of lock can be attributed to collapsible options.In addition, the design may include dual-type connecting elements. Such parts can withstand up to 5 shifts, which speaks of their durability and reliability.
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raznovidnosti tekstury laminata 23 - Laminate Texture Types 2

Styling methods

Textural laminate without visible joints are often laid in such a resolution that it is parallel to the sun’s rays. Due to this arrangement, the joints will certainly not be visible in the coating.

Laying modern seamless design can be made in the following ways:

  • single strips. This method of installation is recommended to contact the direct producers of seamless floor coverings. In the first row, two boards are interconnected on each side and sealed using specialized tools. In the next row, the slats are shifted by 20 cm. Externally, such a structure may be similar to brickwork;
  • long stripes. First of all, in this case, neat rows are assembled from the boards by connecting the end sections. Then the finished rows are held together with each other.
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How to pick up?

Currently, laminate flooring is found in many homes.The popularity of this material is understandable, since it has an attractive design and can last for many years.

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If you are looking for panels for finishing the floor in the bathroom or in the kitchen, it is better to give preference to laminated boards, imitating expensive ceramic tiles or marble chips. A good option would be the canvas, imitating black or just dark woods.

Such design solutions will look expensive and solid, but will cost much less than, for example, real high-quality tiles or parquet made of natural wenge.

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For the bedroom the most successful option will be a laminate of delicate pastel shades. For example, it may be a beige, peach or milk version. It is not recommended to finish the floor in such rooms with too bright and saturated boards.

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In the living room or office is better to use solid boards in a classic design. For example, it may be concise, but elegant canvases calm brown shades. Such finishing materials are able to form a cozy, warm and welcoming atmosphere in the interior.

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