In which rooms?

Often, people who plan to put laminate on top of linoleum, ask the question: in which premises such an idea would be the most successful? For example, such a decision would be appropriate in the bedroom, living room or hallway. Experts do not recommend laying laminate on linoleum in areas where high humidity is present.

Basically, this moment concerns the kitchen and bathroom.Here, the flooring is affected not only by high humidity, but also by temperature changes. In addition, in the kitchen laminate will quickly lose its beauty and functional qualities. If you still decide to install new material in rooms with high humidity, be sure to use double polyethylene as a waterproofing layer. It must be placed under the substrate.

mozhno li klast laminat na linoleum 8 - In which rooms?

It is worth noting that in comparison with laminate, linoleum is more susceptible to moisture. And if the material has already managed to deform during use, it is necessary to abandon the installation of a new coating. It is quite simple to check linoleum for moisture: lay an oilcloth on the surface, fix the edges well. If a few days later there are drops on polyethylene, you should not turn to such a solution. It is best to dismantle the linoleum before starting work.

Please note that when laying laminate on a wet base, with time the boards begin to deform. The surface becomes swollen and uneven. In addition, stacking a new material, you must first pay attention to several important features.Decide in advance on the thickness of the laminated coating.

This is necessary so that in the future there will be no problems with the normal functionality of the doors.

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When is the substrate needed?

Before you deal with the question of whether the substrate when laying laminate on linoleum, you need to understand what constitutes such a foundation. To create a thin layer under the flooring used different types of materials. Most often used for these purposes foam or cork.

The substrate performs several functions simultaneously. It is intended for depreciation, improvement of moisture insulation. The use of the substrate reduces heat loss in the room. Many experts say that even when using linoleum, the use of such a layer is necessary.

Especially it concerns those situations when the flooring is mounted in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

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Often the substrate is used in the presence of old linoleum. Also an additional layer is required if there are irregularities on the surface.

Modern manufacturers of building materials offer buyers several types of substrates for laminate flooring, the features of which are worth exploring in more detail. One of the most common options is traffic jam.The substrate of this material has a good sound insulation properties.

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In addition, the advantages of cork options include:

  1. the substrate retains heat well;
  2. cork does not rot even with prolonged use;
  3. Insects do not start in the substrate.

In addition, the layers of cork perfectly retain their shape even with prolonged use. Under heavy loads, the substrate is not deformed.

Often when laying laminate used polystyrene layer. Like the previous version, this substrate has excellent performance. Polystyrene foam retains heat well, provides good noise insulation in the room. In comparison with the cork options, these substrates have a lower cost.

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For finishing subfloor quite often used polyethylene layer. Such a substrate provides excellent thermal insulation properties of the coating. Materials are available in several forms, which differ in the method of foaming.

The advantages of this option include high resistance to moisture. The substrate is not deformed even by contact with chemicals.Polyethylene foam perfectly fills the space under the laminate.

The peculiarity of the substrates of this material is that they are used in rooms with high humidity levels.

But, with the wrong styling layer is able to quickly deform and lose its shape.

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Styling tips

Being engaged in laying laminate on linoleum, it is necessary to pay attention to several important points:

  1. First you need to do the preparatory stages. At the beginning, it is necessary to determine the level of differences using the building level. It is applied to the floor to obtain indicators.
  2. If the level of irregularities exceeds the permissible norms, then it is impossible to lay the boards on the old floor. In this case, the complete dismantling of linoleum is required. The floor is then leveled in accordance with the minimum requirements. Laying laminate produced by standard technology.
  3. If the linoleum is sufficiently smooth, but there are damaged areas or other deformations on it, it is necessary to tackle them. Bare surface should be cleaned from dirt. Then the surface must be treated using a primer.You also need to pierce the concrete throughout the level.
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mozhno li klast laminat na linoleum 11 - In which rooms?

4. If the material is peeled off, it is necessary to treat the areas with glue. Often, for these purposes, special formulations are used, designed exclusively for linoleum. To material firmly fixed, you need to press the surface with a heavy object.
5. Experts recommend using the substrate in any room. Laying laminate can be done immediately after the preparatory activities. You also need to purchase materials for work.
6. It is worth noting that the laminate for laying is best to purchase in advance. The material should be left in a closed dry room for 2-3 days.
7. For laying used a special set, which is based on several important elements. Wedges are used to create technological gaps. Also present in the set stitching bar. For installation of panels in hard-to-reach places it is necessary to use brackets.

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8.To begin work it is necessary with cleaning of a surface. The floor must be cleaned from dust and sand. Please note that the adhesive used for the work must be completely dry.
9. After that, mount the substrate under the laminate.Roll with the material you need to roll out and fit the length of the room. Do not allow launching and the appearance of various defects. The steps must be repeated until the substrate is completely laid. To handle the joints, you must use paper tape.
10. After completing all of the above steps, you can proceed to laying laminate.

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