Laminate: features and benefits

 Floorwood laminate: features and benefits

Technical specifications
Laminate panel is a multi-layer structure consisting of four layers. The main layer is represented by an HDF fibreboard, which is responsible for the strength and impact resistance of the lamella. Above should be a paper decorative coating with a pattern applied on it. From above it is covered with acrylate or melamine resins, which perform a protective function and are responsible for the moisture resistance of the product.

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The bottom layer is made of thin veneered sheet and serves as a stabilizing element. It protects the substrate from moisture ingress from the subfloor and ensures safe operation. HDF-plates. The layers are bonded to each other under the influence of high pressure using a thermal press, which guarantees the density and reliability of the structure, and also eliminates delamination and chips. To improve the water repellency properties, the lamellas are impregnated with a special paraffin composition.

The company manufactures products of the 33rd and 34th grade of wear resistance. The first digit of the index indicates the type of room in which the use of the model is allowed, and the second indicates the level of allowed pedestrian load on the floor on a four-point scale. The thickness of the panels ranges from 0.8 to 1.2 cm, which provides high strength and durability of the coating and allows it to be used in production workshops with heavy equipment installed there.

Products are equipped with a unique locking system groove-Uniclic, providing a tight connection of the panels and ensuring the absence of gaps and gaps.
Products are equipped with a unique locking system groove-Uniclic, providing a tight connection of the panels and ensuring the absence of gaps and gaps.

Relying on many years of experience and applying advanced developments in the field of flooring, using modern equipment and high-quality materials, Laminate has established a high-quality product, possessing a number of indisputable advantages:

  • environmental Safety models due to the use of high quality raw materials, which has all the necessary certificates to ensure compliance with strict European standards. 90% of the products are made from natural materials, which makes them hypoallergenic and harmless. Laminate belongs to E1 class, which means its full compliance with high sanitary and hygienic standards;
  • The optimum ratio of price and quality achieved thanks to a full production cycle in one place and the availability of own capacities for the production of the main HDF-plate. The presence of factories in many countries allows to maintain competent logistics and save on costs when delivering the product to the consumer;
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  • presentable appearance. The coatings are caused by a relief surface that faithfully reproduces wood texture and perfectly imitates natural parquet. Products are produced in a large assortment and with a huge variety of colors, designs and textures: the surface can imitate roughly treated wood, be artificially aged, have a natural knot texture, embossing and appearance of the floorboard. This provides ample opportunity to choose laminate flooring in any interior residential or public space;
  • products are manufactured in different sizes, that allows you to choose a model in different areas of the room and eliminate a large amount of waste. The length of the panels varies from 121.8 to 242 cm, and the thickness is 8, 10 and 12 mm, depending on the class of wear resistance;
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  • easy installation. It is provided with a universal locking system that allows you to assemble the coating as a constructor. Installation can be carried out independently and will not cause difficulties even for beginners. The product is repairable, which allows spot repairs without the need to replace the entire coating;
  • high strength, stability products to mechanical loads and abrasion allow the use of laminate in areas with high pedestrian traffic. The manufacturer guarantees impeccable service coverage for up to 20 years in residential areas with a moderate load. For public places with high traffic, the term will be about 5-7 years, and in very busy places with a large flow of people the laminate will last 4 years. The surface is resistant to sharp heels, furniture legs, wheels of chairs and serious weight loads, which allows the use of laminate in factory workshops, warehouses and industrial premises;
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  • heat resistance. The coating allows it to withstand short-term contact with a non-extinguished match or a dropped cigarette that will not leave a thermal mark on the surface. Laminate flooring can be laid on the “warm floor” system without risk of ignition or deformation. High moisture resistance indicators allow to use the coating in rooms with high humidity. Products tolerate daily wet cleaning, do not swell and do not exfoliate;
  • laminate possesses high noise and heat insulation properties, resistant to changes in humidity and temperature, so it can be installed in unheated rooms, country houses, cottages and cold corridors.

Along with a large number of positive characteristics, consumers in their reviews note some disadvantages of the laminate. Attention is paid to the swelling of the upper layer from daily wet cleaning. This is an inexpensive coating of low wear resistance class, which does not have enhanced water-repellent properties. Therefore, when choosing a coating in bathrooms and kitchens, this indicator should be taken into account.

Also observed is the tarnishing of the pattern and the loss of luster of products after several years of operation. This is probably also related to wrong choice of product strength class. The echoing of the coating, which occurs due to the resonance of the wood particle board, which can be eliminated by using a special substrate, is also noted.

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Laminate, unlike natural wood, does not need specialized care. You can wash it with any detergent that does not contain abrasive particles.It is not recommended to allow large amounts of water to accumulate on the surface of the laminate for a long time. If this situation occurred, it is necessary to remove water in a short time and wipe dry with an absorbent cloth.

After laying the laminate, it is recommended to leave a few scraps or whole boards: they may be needed in case of unforeseen repair of the coating.

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Popular Collections
Laminate company produces 24 laminate collections. Among the most popular are the following:

  • Deluxe”. Laminate of the 33rd class with a panel thickness of 12 mm is suitable for use in residential and public buildings with a load intensity above the average. The surface design successfully imitates natural wood, and the lack of decorative chamfer visually increases the space. The size of the lamella is 128.5×19.2×1.2 cm, the total area of ​​all the boards in one package is 1.48 square meters with a quantity of 6 pieces and a weight of 16 kg;
  • “Serious”. Laminate of the 34th class of wear resistance with chamfer and embossing. It is new and has been produced since 2014. The panels are waxed, which makes it possible to install them in kitchens and hallways. The thickness of the board is 12 mm.The model is particularly strong and durable, it included all the best performance qualities of Laminate products;
  • “Real”. Laminate of the 33rd wear resistance class, having a 25-year warranty and equipped with a new 1Click2GO locking system. The surface of the single plank board has a hand-scraped effect, which consists in visually increasing the volume of the embossed structure and embossing. Lamels have a narrower design and are equipped with a rifled chamfer;
  • Gres”. The coating imitates natural stone and tile very precisely, and the four-sided chamfer replicates interlayer seams in detail. The product has a 33rd class of durability and has a twenty-year warranty, and thanks to the latest production technology perfectly repels moisture and can be used in bathrooms and corridors;
  • Palazzo. The laminate of the 34th class of wear resistance has a thickness of 8 mm and a chamfer around the perimeter of the panel. Very accurately imitates traditional parquet, which has earned particular popularity among connoisseurs of exquisite interiors. Synchronized embossing in the register allows repeating the pattern of wood fibers and the structure of the natural coating as accurately as possible.

The use of Laminate allows you to quickly and accurately finish any room, decorate and ennoble the interior, as well as be confident in the impeccable service of the flooring throughout the entire period of operation.

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