What is SPC Vinyl Flooring
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What is SPC Vinyl Flooring?

Have you heard of Luxury Vinyl Flooring and, more specifically, Stone Polymer Composite Flooringspc-vinyl-flooring-floors-nigeria
SPC is an acronym for Stone Plastic Composite or Stone Polymer Composite flooring. Similar to WPC vinyl, an SPC vinyl is an engineered luxury vinyl that combines limestone and stabilizers to create an extremely durable core. The trait that makes SPC flooring stand out is that it is 100 per cent waterproof, and still adds stability, dent resistance, and structure to vinyl plank flooring.

Besides, SPC flooring is highly durable. The excellent quality of the core material makes it resistant to wear, which explains its wide usage in commercial environment and places which experience a lot of traffic.

SPC Vinyl Floor is made of calcium powder as the main raw material. Extruding sheets after high-temperature plasticized, coating color film decorative layer and wear-resistant layer by four-roll calendaring, treated with water-cooled UV coating paint production line, SPC floor does not contain heavy metal formaldehyde with harmful substances, it’s 100% formaldehyde-free environmentally friendly flooring.

Some homeowners might think wood plastic composite (WPC) flooring is the predecessor of SPC flooring. In fact, the two’s core materials are very different. The former is wood chips while the latter is ground stone.

SPC flooring is an upgrade of WPC flooring, because while the two are both waterproof, WPC flooring is a foam material and has a lower density compared to SPC Flooring. This means WPC flooring is lighter, softer and more likely to absorb odour.

In contrast, SPC flooring has a high density (1.987 – 2.05g/ cm3), which is comparable to a piece of tile’s (2.0 – 2.3g/ cm3).

SPC flooring is seen as a top-tier flooring material on the market. Although the planks are relatively thin, they have a high impact resistance and durability.

Idealy speaking, flooring with strong mechanical specifications is not very attractive in appearance. However, SPC flooring can be manufactured to look like solid hardwood flooring, and even natural stone which is a rarity in itself.

This type of flooring scores high on both its visual appeal and functionality.

Major Differences between SPC and WPC Vinyl Floors

Aside from the materials used creating the core of this flooring style, these are the key differences between WPC vinyl flooring and SPC vinyl flooring:

  • Thickness: WPC floors have a thicker core than SPC floors. Plank thickness for WPC floors is generally about 5.5 to 8 millimeters, while SPC floors are usually around 3.2 to 7 millimeters thick.
  • Foot Feel: When it comes to how the flooring feels underfoot, WPC vinyl has the advantage. Because it has a thicker core compared to SPC flooring, it feels more stable and cushioned when walking on it. That thickness also helps to provide insulation to keep the floors warmer.
  • Sound Insulation: The thicker core of WPC floors also makes them superior when it comes to sound insulation. The thickness helps to absorb the sound, so it’s quieter when walking on these floors.
  • Durability: You might think that WPC flooring would offer improved durability since it is thicker than SPC flooring, but the opposite is actually true. SPC floors may not be as thick, but they are considerably denser than WPC floors. This makes them better at resisting damage from impacts or heavy weights.
  • Stability: WPC floors and SPC floors can both be installed in any room with moisture exposure and temperature fluctuations. But when it comes to extreme temperature changes, SPC flooring tends to offer superior performance. The denser core of SPC floors makes them even more resistant to expanding and contracting than WPC floors.
  • Price: SPC floors are more affordable than WPC floors. However, don’t pick your floors based on price alone. Be sure to consider all the potential benefits and drawbacks between these two flooring options before choosing one

Why Choose Floors Nigeria’s SPC Vinyl Floor?

SPC vinyl flooring is becoming one of the most popular floors to install for a variety of reasons. If you’re a homeowner, property manager or business owner, SPC vinyl flooring may be a great option for your next project! Below are the biggest difference between SPC flooring and traditional flooring.

100% Waterproof: This is one of the biggest factors in choosing an SPC vinyl. It is 100% waterproof, which means it can be installed in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and restaurants without worry!

Stability in Temperature Fluctuations: With the stone construction, and SPC vinyl core is more stable in environments with temperature changes, such as cabins, homes with AC units and homes with humidity fluctuations.

Appearance: SPC vinyl flooring can have a variety of looks, textures, and styles. It will be hard to believe they are types of vinyl!

DIY Installation: SPC vinyl flooring is a click-lock installation system. It is installed similarly to a regular vinyl and laminate with a tongue and groove installation. No glues or extra tools are required! This is a floor for the everyday DIY’er.

Comfort: The SPC vinyl floor is going to feel more sturdy and cushioned underfoot than a traditional vinyl due to the dense core and thickness of the plank. A thicker plank will give you more comfort. Also, some SPC vinyl will have attached underlayment that adds to the softness underfoot. If it does not have the attached underlayment, you can opt for an LVT specific underlayment to install over the subfloor.

Sound: With the dense core, this plank tends to have a quieter sound. You will not hear a hollow sound when you walk on it.

Affordability: SPC vinyl plank flooring is very budget-friendly. Depending on the brand and features, you can find SPC vinyl in a variety of price ranges. Features like attached underlayment, texture and edges can increase a floor’s price.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance: An SPC vinyl will have the same cleaning and maintenance needs as regular vinyl. These planks are designed to be easily cleaned with regular sweeping and mopping.

With all the awesome benefits of SPC vinyl flooring, you can see why this is such a highly rated flooring material! From a cushioned step to dent resistance and waterproof core, you can’t go wrong with an SPC vinyl floor. Whether it is for a busy home, rental property or business, this floor does it all.

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