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    Floors Nigeria

    Centre for Interior Floor Design Training

    Floors Nigeria gives you the opportunity to turn your passion to a career by providing a comprehensive training(both practical and theory) that will give you the critical skills, knowledge and tools to start and grow your own interiors design business as a professional interiors designer.

    We teach everything from design, to identification of clients and starting a successful Interior Design Training. We don’t just train students in interior design, we encourage each student to access and nurture it’s own natural sense of flair and creativity. Your passion, and the technical and practical skills provided by our course, ensures that you’re able translate any brief or idea into reality.

    Because we also believe in providing the best quality service and learning experience available, we have partnered with experienced and practicing interior floor designers and architect to tutor you and guide you every step of the way. Our course outline was carefully selected to capture the essentials of interior design.

    Interior Design Training - Interior-Design-of-an-Apartment

    Interior Design

    The Interior Floor Design Training consists of 12 modules and assignments. These requires you to complete our practical and theoretical exercises which perfects your skills in, and understanding interior design.


    AutoCAD & Revit

    This is a computer aided design training which deals with 3 and 4 Dimensional Interior & Exterior Design. We teach AutoCAD, Revit and 3D Max.