Marmoleum Fresco Eternity Linoleum Flooring


2m Wide Rolls
Very Heavy Commercial use
Cigarette Resistant
97% Natural Material

NB. All floors are measured per sqm.
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The Fresco range is a much softer marbled structure, 1 of 16 colourways available in this range. Coming in 2 metre wide rolls cut to any length you wish upto 32m long, so good for covering large areas. An environmentally friendly product that still retains the very high resilience needed, in places such as hospitals, schools, sports centres, and other public buildings.

Technical Specification

  • Roll width – 2 metres
  • Roll length – 32 metres
  • Usage – General commercial use or moderate industrial use
  • Cigarette resistance – Marks left on linoleum from stubbed out cigarettes can be removed
  • Indentation residual < 0.15mm
  • Castor rating – Suitable for continuous use
  • Resistance to chemicals – Resistant to diluted acids, fats, oils and to conventional solvents. Not resistant to prolonged exposure of alkalis
  • Bacteriostatic properties – Have natural anti bacterial properties which are confirmed by independant laboratories, even against the bacteria MRSA
  • Slip resistance – Carries an R9 rating for slip resistance
  • Acoustical impact sound reduction – < 4 dB
  • Electrical resistance – Static dissipative
  • Lifecycle assessment – Regularly assesed to secure the lowest environmental impact. Linoleum is made from 97% raw materials.
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