10mm Thick PU Foam Luxury Carpet Underlay Roll


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This 10mm Thick PU Foam Carpet Underlay is one of our mid range carpet underlays. We supply this 10mm thick underlay in Easy to Lift rolls.

This 10mm thick carpet underlay will make your new carpet feel much better and last longer. It will also improve the sound and heat insulation of your room.

This 10mm Underlay is suitable for use in any domestic area. Including your lounge, stairs, bedrooms etc. The underlay you receive may be a different colour to the ones shown. This is purely cosmetic. It is still the same great value 10mm underlay.

PU Foam Underlay such as this 10mm Thick Carpet underlay is made using recycled fibres, making this 10mm carpet underlay more environmentally friendly than rubber alternatives.

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